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Professional experience
Since january 2019
     Freelance in advertising
Since december 2016
     Owner at Bergensbrick (Bergen)
Since november 2011
     Assistant, guard at Haukelands hospital (Bergen)
October 2010 until october 2011​
     Stretcher-bearer at Haukelands hospital (Bergen)
October 2009 until september 2010
    Freelance in the cartoon "industry" (VG, NyTid, FHM...)
May 2007 until Juny 2008
    Freelance speaker at Treider-Event (Oslo)
August 2006 until september 2009
     Kindegarten assistant (Oslo, Lillehammer)
Mars 2006 til juny 2006
     Chef and waiter at Cafe Francais (Oslo)
From 2005 until 2009
     Freelance copywriter at Ayrine (Paris)
Juny 2005 until february 2006
     Copywriter at Diamant-Vert (Paris)
November 2004 til may 2005
      Copywriter trainee+ at Publicis-Conseil (Paris)
October 2004
     Copywriter trainee at Devarrieux-Villaret (Paris)
May 2003 until mars 2004
     Machine worker at EMAC (rubber manufacture in south of France)
January 2001 until april 2003
     Waiter at Trinquet de Tardets (restaurant, pub in south of France)
Mars 2000 until april 2003
     Leader, DJ, waiter at Goa-Club (night club in south of France)
Summers 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002
     River guide at REV (rafting and kayak company in south og France)
Juny 1998 until february 2000
     Sport's teacher at SNB (kayak club in Besançon)
January 1997 until may1998
     River guide at REV (rafting and kayak company in south og France)
August until september 1993
     Sailor at "Notre Dame de Muskoa" (fishing ship in south of France)

2011  SATS GX Aerobic Instruktør
2011  Truck driver's license for hospital truck
1999  Sport's teacher : kayak, rafting, river swimming
1998  Activity leader :kayak, rafting, river swimming and ethnografy
1997  Økonomist and social senior year
1996  Driver license (B)
1994  Fishing ship Lieutenant