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My story (the short version...)

After being fisherman, river guide, sports instructor, discotheque owner, bartender, rubber worker... In 2004 I suddenly decided to become a copywriter in advertising and moved to Paris. I didn't even know what was a copywriter... but with the help of a great gentleman from the french advertising industry (Patrice Dumas), a few months later I found myself looking for internships. Then I become trainee at Devarrieux-Villaret, then at Publicis-Conseil. At the end of my internship at Publicis, I find myself facing a very difficult choice: Erik Vervroegen (the best creative director in the world at this time) offered me an internship with him at TBWA Paris. It was the occasion of my life to show what I was worth, the opportunity not to be missed. But the lack of money led me in another direction: A position of copywriter at Diamant-Vert who had as creative director the very experienced Serge Fichard. The beginnings were good, we won a competition and brang a new customer to the agency. Unfortunately, after the change of creative director, I ran into walls. It was impossible to release something creative. I had to leave. After a weekend trip to Norway, I decided to take a chance and move to Norway. It was love at the first sight.

Being unable to work as a copywriter in this country because of the culture and the language, I start working as a kindergarten assistant.

Three years later, I decided to become a cartoonist (without even knowing how to draw), three months later, my drawings were published in norwegian newspapers and magazines (like NyTid). The comic book and the news cartoons were a good way to express my creativity, but it was not paid well enough and I had to find another job to continue living in that beautiful country. In 2010, I started working at the Bergen hospital where I still work today (I also own a little Online Lego shop).

In the beginning of 2019, fed up with not being able to express my creativity, I decided to get back into advertising and make my ideas come true. And here I am today.